From classic schnitzels crumbed in house to traditional Osso Bucco for slow cooking, our sweet and tender cuts of veal are very popular.

Sourced from the Northern Rivers of NSW, a region well established for breeding pasture raised veal and young beef, we have an array of brands on offer, both as processed cuts and whole cuts. 

Available in young Beef, Heavy and Light Veal and including Bobby Veal.  

Our popular lines include: 

  • Veal Mince  
  • Veal Knuckles  
  • Veal Backstrap  
  • Veal silversides (roasts)  
  • Veal Topside 
  • Osso Bucco 
  • Veal Rumps 
  • Veal Schnitzel (crumbed and sliced fresh) 
  • Veal Cutlets 
  • Veal Clods