Customer Reviews

Please listen to what some of our happy customers have said about us.

Thorly Cramp

Executive Chef
NSW Golf Club

"I will use Bravo until the day I hang up my apron."

John Collins

Head Chef
Rose of Australia

"So far it's been impeccable service, easily reachable at any time of the day."

Timothy George

Executive Chef
Crown Plaza Burwood

"Pretty much all of the meat we sell at the Crown Plaza comes from Bravofoods."

David Maisey

Owner and Head Chef
The Treehouse Hotel

"I always make sure I order myself some meat for the weekends at home, so I don't have to go elsewhere and buy other meat."

Peter Fitzsimmons

Head Chef
Green Moustache

"We've got three venues and we all use you.. The quality is there, the services are there, everything is spot on."

Hemraj Bimali

Executive Chef
Stonequarry Bar and Grill

"The quality of the meat with the price is very good."