Continental Smallgoods

Bravofoods distributes the finest small goods on the market

We have aligned with some of the country’s top producers including Zammit and Pastoral, Kaczanowski & Co, Rodriguez Bros, Black Forest Smokehouse and German Butchery.  
Made with only the freshest meats and quality ingredients and cured and smoked using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, these products deliver on quality and flavour. 

Products include:

  • Hams Boneless and Leg Hams 
  • Chorizo of all styles 
  • Bacon Rindless (variety of Brands)  
  • Eye Bacon Short Cut (variety of Brands)  
  • Streaky Bacon and Maple bacon 
  • Prosciutto Sliced (Variety of Brands)   
  • Serrano Whole and Sliced of different ages  
  • Danish Salami  
  • Pancetta  
  • Coppa  
  • Chilli Chicken  
  • Sopresso (Mild)  
  • Smoked Turkey Breast  
  • Smoked Chicken Breast  
  • Chicken Rolls  
small goods
small goods
small goods