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Sous Vide

Bravo foods are proud distributers of Ribs & Roast Sous Vide products.  Sous vide cooking is a precise technique where meat is placed in a sealed bag and cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath and we believe some of the most developed and premium wholesale product is provided by our suppliers, the specialists themselves from Ribs and Roast

The result?  Juicy, tender and flavoursome meat, evenly cooked every time. 

This product line is extremely popular with our customers, particularly chefs who require a superior product to save time in the kitchen and where consistency in cooking at a competitive price is required

Bravofoods has a strong relationship with Ribs & Roast Sous Vide, supplying them with our own top quality beef and lamb for our own stocked lines, to which they prepare, and return as sous vide items.

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