Hand-prepared meat, poultry, smallgoods & specialty produce

Continental Smallgoods

Bravofoods are distributors for the finest Continental and English small goods.

We have aligned with some of the country’s top producers of small goods

We offer the full range from each distributor with some of the major brands including; Quattro Stelle, Zammit, Kaczanowski & Co, Rodriguez Bros, Black forest Smokehouse, Pino’s Dolce Vita and German Butchery.

Sydney’s Most reputable smallgoods can be delivered right to your venue. Made with only the best meats and ingredients, and cured and smoked using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, these are products that deliver on quality and flavour. Our diverse range is versatile and premium, our smallgoods are perfect for platters, gourmet sandwiches and in European style dishes.

Our continental small goods are particularly popular for European themed restaurants, clubs and cafes.

  • Hams (Double Smoked)
  • Bone in Smallgoods of all kinds
  • Range of Chorizo available
  • Black Forest English Bacon
  • Bacon Rind less (variety of Brands)
  • Eye Bacon Short Cut (variety of Brands)
  • Bravofoods own LEAN Streaky Bacon
  • Prosciutto Sliced (Variety of Brands)
  • Serrano Whole and Sliced of different ages.
  • Danish Salami  
  • Pancetta  
  • Coppa  
  • Chipolata  
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Sopresso (Mild)
  • Smoked Turkey Breast  
  • Smoked Chicken Breast  
  • Chicken Rolls
  • All premium styles of Hams
  • Devon
An extended product range is available, please contact call us for details